Return on Investment

Since its inception, Stephenson & Associates has gained a reputation for creating exciting marketing and branding campaigns that help its clients reach more customers and build more revenue. Below are just a few examples…

  • The agency guided a mountain bike component company with strategic marketing and branding that helped them go from an unknown with zero sales to the world leader and $7 million in sales…in just one year!
  • We’ve helped two manufacturing companies with $5-7 million in annual sales grow to more than $150 million and another new client with less than $8 million in annual sales grow their business by more than 10% in the first year through smart marketing, media and rebranding strategies.
  • Our "Guerilla Marketing" pulled 156 people-a-month off the sidewalks into a downtown YMCA during their lunch hour to sign up for annual memberships.
  • Our warehouse sales strategy helped a local piano dealer sell out its entire inventory of 77 pianos on the first day of a 2-day sale.
  • Our total branding campaign (new logo, signage, website and advertising) helped a Central Florida dentist relocate to a new area and sign up a full schedule of patients in its first year.
  • Imagine what can we do for you!

Marketing & Branding